Window Film Tackles Heat & Fading Through Patio Door

Window Film to Reduce Heat and Fading

This set of patio doors was filmed with a 3M Neutral 35% Window Film to help reduce heat and fading through the glass. As you can see from the photo, the left window has the window film installed and the right window has no film. …

Excessive Glare – Hard to See TV or Computer Screen?

Excessive Glare Reduction

Do you sometimes have a hard time seeing the television or computer screen as a result of excessive glare coming through your windows? We can install a quality 3M window film that will significantly reduce the excessive glare but still maintain a pleasant view through …

3M Frosted Window Film Keeps Pets Happy

Here is a recent job we just did that involved installing 3M frosted window film on the bottom portion of two patio sliders. The reason was   An innovative use for this decorative window film product.

Using Window Film for Glare Reduction

Glare Reduction

Do you have a glare problem in your home or office? Using window film is a great way to achieve the glare reduction you are looking for while still maintaining and enhancing the view through the windows. Give us a call today to learn how …

Enhance the Appearance and Reduce the Heat

Window films are a great way to update the looks of an older building and reduce the heat coming through the glass. In addition, the addition of solar control window films can save you on your energy bill by improving the performance of the glass …

Clean Windows Make Any Home or Office Building Shine

Nothing ruins the look of a nice home or beautiful building more than dirty windows. Clean windows by San Diego Window Masters make any home or office building shine. Give us a call today to find out how we can bring back that beautiful shine to …

Improve Your View With Window Film!

Keep the blinds up! Window films can improve your view and help to reduce the heat and glare issues often associated with large areas of glass allowing you to comfortably enjoy the view as the builder designed.