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San Diego Window Masters offers a full range of 3M Window Film products for both residential and commercial applications. We use the industry’s highest quality products, backed by solid warranties and installed to the highest quality standards. We offer many types of window films to solve some of the most common issues facing home owners and building managers. We have listed the main product categories and the benefits below, but please contact us with any questions or to schedule a no cost, no obligation assessment of your project.

Types of Window Films

Solar Control Window Films

  1. Reduce Heat From Passing Through the Glass
    • Helps reduce energy costs
    • Reduces hot spot areas in a space
    • Improves comfort and productivity throughout the space
    • Extends the life of the A/C unit
  2. Dramatically Reduces UV From Entering Through Glass
    • Most films cut 99+% of UV from entering through glass
    • Reduces sun damage of floors and furnishings
    • Protects occupant’s skin from harmful UV exposure
  3. Reduces Glare From the Windows
    • Improves your view through the glass and onto computer or computer screens near windows
    • Allows shades or draperies to be left open to enjoy the view more hours of the day
    • Shades and draperies being left open reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day which saves energy

Decorative Window Films

  1. Increased privacy through the windows for conference rooms, bathrooms and other places where you wish to obstruct the view through the glass while still allowing light to pass through
  2. Create a new look or change the appearance of existing glass
  3. Comes in many colors, patterns and textures to suit any taste
  4. Help to reduce bird strike incidents on affected windows

Safety and Security Window Films

  1. Protects occupants from broken glass hazards
  2. Adds protection against smash and grab robbery
  3. Helps retain glass during events such as seismic activity, windstorms or bomb blasts
  4. Available in solar control varieties as well to provide the safety and security as well as the benefits of a solar control film

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

  1. Clear film that acts as a sacrificial barrier to prevent damage to windows and mirrors
  2. Protects underlying surface against damage associated with scratching, etching, painting, etc
  3. Easily removed and replaced with a new piece of film to keep your glass or mirror pristine without the cost of replacement

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